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Stephen C. Barrera 

Christopher D. Cavazos

Monica R. Khirallah

Nicolette Saenz

A Criminal Defense Law Firm- Defending those accused of Crimes in Boerne, TX

Former Criminal Prosecutors and Judges with the experience needed to help you prevail in your legal matter

As criminal defense attorneys, we recognize that when people come into one of our offices, it is because they are going through an overwhelming situation in their lives.

Someone accused of a crime has the immediate consequence of being arrested and having to deal with the financial burden of securing bail. For many, this initial arrest leads to lost time at work, causing job loss or career setback. After the case is filed, court appearances can cause further difficulties with work and family. All of these consequences are in addition to the potential loss of freedom that is possible whenever there is an accusation of a criminal offense.

We are constantly mindful of what our clients and their families are going through. We recognize that when people come in to hire us, they are trusting us to get the best outcome for them or their loved ones. They are trusting us to guide them through a complicated and taxing legal process. They are looking to us for solutions to difficult situations. This is something we take seriously. As your attorneys, we strive to make sure that you remain informed at every stage of your case and that you get the best possible outcome.

We are a criminal defense law firm with over 50 years of combined experience. Every partner in our firm is either a former criminal prosecutor or judge, and each one of us has been named as one of the Best Lawyers in San Antonio in the area of Criminal Defense by SA Magazine.

Don’t leave your case, your freedom, and your name to a defense attorney you have never met. When you are ready to sit down with one of our highly passionate and experienced attorneys to discuss the details of your case we invite you to visit our Boerne office to have an in-person consultation. Our initial consultation has, and always will be at NO-COST. Phone consultations gladly welcome as well. 


BRCK- What To Do After An Arrest<<Click this link to download our ebook an everything you need to know about what to do after an arrest

Criminal Defense Attorneys Proudly Serving Boerne, TX 

We understand that a criminal legal matter for anyone can be a very stressful time in their lives. Our attorneys and staff’s main focus is to ensure our clients are well taken care of from the moment they walk into our offices all the way through the entire legal process they are facing.

Client Reviews

“Power house of legal representation. They are on point . Questions are answered , very professional and awesome office Manager that keeps everything in line. The paralegals jump threw any and all hoops to assure the client is number one. Look them up.”

Don Lanush

“If you find yourself on the other side of the law, please do yourself a favor and call Monica! She will give you the help needed, the proven experience and the backbone to get what needs to be done to take care of for you! The price for your sanity could be millions, but with Monica and her group, you get 4 well known and well respected lawyers on your side with the cost being easily obtainable!!”

Tiffany L.

“BCP was recommended to me when I was going through a hard time dealing with my second DWI. The whole team at BCP made me feel confident they could help me with my case. I am very grateful to have found these wonderful attorneys! They are the best lawyers in Boerne!”

Vanessa R.

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