Why is it Important to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney as Soon as You are Arrested?

The most important decision you could make after being arrested is seeking a professional and highly skilled criminal defense attorney, and quickly. When hiring an attorney you want someone who is responsive and in a timely manner. When it comes to a criminal case time is of the essence and there are things that can be done immediately to help your case be more successful in the future. What you want is an attorney who can meet with you right away. The right criminal defense attorney should be able to meet with you within 24 hours. Keep in mind, when dealing with an attorney who returns phone calls promptly and addresses all matters of the case promptly, are more likely to give that same attention and dedication when handling your case.

What Do I Need to Look for in a Private Criminal Defense Attorney?

 So you probably typed in Google “I just got a DWI what do I do?” or “Best criminal defense attorney” or even just “Attorneys near me” searching for the best attorney that can help you with your criminal case. Next, what will usually pop up are multiple google business pages of dozens of attorneys all over your county waiting to get a call from you. Now what people don’t realize is that most of these attorneys are normally NOT private criminal defense attorneys but are actually general practicing attorneys who work on other areas of the law such as personal injury, divorce, or estate law making them less devoted to your case trying to manage many different laws of practice at once. It takes an attorney with a specialized local focus in a certain area of the law to be able to devote the time and expertise to fully achieve your best positive outcome. What you should be looking for in a private criminal defense attorney is:

1. They are a specialist in their field with hundreds if not thousands of similar cases handled just like yours under their belt.

2. Local attorneys who are familiar with the in’s and out’s of the court rooms where your case is located. Experience with certain judges and prosecutors is a major advantage for a firm ensuring your best outcome.

3. Proven track record of success from years of experience and dedicated focus to criminal law.

 BOTTOM LINE: While most attorneys do have the ability to represent you in a criminal defense case, it is extremely beneficial to hire the one who is an expert in your specific type of case. BRCK has combined experience practicing criminal law for over 45 years which has brought the firm success over and over again. We would love to speak with you about your criminal legal matters, give us a call or send us an email!

Is the Lawyer’s Practice Focused Primarily on Criminal Law?

Choosing the right attorney to represent you in your criminal case should be a decision made with the same consideration similar to when it comes to  selecting a healthcare professional. For example, say you were searching for the right doctor with the most experience in the field you are needing an operation for, would you choose the “general practicing” doctor who performs many operations in many different areas of practice or would you choose the specialized doctor who has performed a hundred if not thousands of operations just like yours. In law, the same reasoning can apply and will make all the difference in the outcome of your case. A firm that solely practices criminal defense has significant advantages such as:

1. Attorneys who have visited with the same judges in the same counties inheriting a keen knowledge on the best defense that will work specifically in that court.  

2. Reputation in combining professionalism with the ability to deliver hundreds of positive outcomes over decades of criminal defense cases just like yours.  

3. 100% dedicated focus to your case from an attorney with a passion for opposing the law consistently providing the best possible result every time. 

BOTTOM LINE: If you are in need of an attorney with high-level experience and high positive outcomes in the field of criminal defense, we greatly encourage you to choose the attorney who specializes in this area of practice. Our attorneys at BRCK share a commitment to make sure you are represented with dedication and professionalism bringing modern legal techniques to deliver your best result possible.

Does the Lawyer Offer a Free Initial Consultation and payment plans?

Hiring an attorney for any criminal case brings many questions and concerns when finding the right firm to represent you in your legal matter. To properly evaluate your case and receive accurate information scheduling a consultation either in person or over the phone will help to clarify any uncertainty you may be having choosing the best fitting attorney. In an initial No-Cost consultation an attorney will go over the following: 

  1. The charges against you and the specific facts of your case.
  2. The arrest itself, what happened? Who said what and to whom? What did the Police do? Where any of your rights violated? What defenses you may have to the charges?
  3. Your criminal history – if any, including any prior use of diversionary programs.
  4. In conclusion of your consultation, an attorney will provide you with detailed answers to your legal questions, questions from the attorney that will help in the process of planning your defense, and a discussion of legal fees associated with your case.

BOTTOM LINE: If you are thinking about hiring an attorney and they don’t offer a NO-COST initial consultation, it would be best to find an attorney who does. It is important to find an attorney that is credible and trustworthy from the start before paying any amount of money. BRCK offers a NO-COST consultation and payment plans to all of our clients no matter the crime or financial situation they are going trough. At BRCK, we understand that situations like yours happen, and we will always be ready to help.

Does the Lawyer Have any Experience with Cases Like Mine?

With all the law firm advertising on your TV or phone yelling at you to hire them, it can get confusing to find the attorney who is going to deliver when it comes down to actually defending you. The more experience a firm has with cases just like yours and how effective they are at achieving the best possible results are two factors that can make all the difference in your case. Something to avoid is attorneys who “guarantee” results of a case. This is usually not a statement that will ever be 100% accurate with all the multiple variables that come with a criminal defense case. This is a way for an attorney to get your attention with false promises trying to secure your payment without being credible to deliver on results. The best decision you can make when hiring an attorney will be to distinguish what makes them different from other attorneys by asking questions like:

1. How many cases has the attorney worked on like mine?

2. What is their track record with similar cases?

3. What are reviews saying about the firm on their google business page?

4. How many years of experience does the firm have?

BOTTOM LINE: If you are seeking a criminal defense attorney with the right credentials for your particular case, hire the one with the MOST experience in that case. BRCK has combined 45 years of experience handling just about every type of criminal case there is. We would be more than happy to assist you in all criminal defense legal matters, give us a call today.

What Will My First Day in Court be Like?

People who do not have a lot of experience in the criminal justice system often wonder, what will happen on my first court date? Your first court date is, generally, called your arraignment, which will be the first time you will be addressing the criminal allegations against you. While most cases will not be resolved in one court setting this is still a very important part of your legal case.

What is the process like?

Planning ahead and making it to court as early as possible is very important to avoid any issues with things like traffic, parking, or long lines at security. When you are inside the courtroom the judge will then begin to call out all the names on the docket that morning. Once your name is called, you and your attorney will let the judge know you are present and that you have representation for your case. Not being on time to your court date can result in actions taken by the judge by issuing you a warrant if you do not show up. Also, showing up to court dressed correctly will also be a factor for the court to not let you in if you do not follow dress code. Avoid wearing things like no flip flops, no shorts or tank tops, and no hats. A general dress code to follow is dress to court like you were dressing for church.

What will the attorney do on my first court date? At this point, the attorney you have hired should be well informed and have been working on the best defense for your case. At your arraignment your attorney should be on time, thoroughly prepared, and answer any questions you may have regarding the case getting you through your first court date as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Will I Lose My Drivers License after a DWI in Texas?

At the time of your arrest for DWI, a police officer will confiscate your license and issue you a temporary permit to drive. This permit, called a Notice of Suspension and Temporary Driving Permit outlines the procedure for requesting an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing.

This hearing, a civil proceeding overseen by an administrative law judge, will determine the disposition of your license. You must request your ALR hearingwithin 15 days of you arrest. If you fail to do so, the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDPS) will suspend your license 40 days after your arrest.

At the hearing, the judge will hear testimony from you (or your lawyer), the arresting officer, and anyone else who has relevant information. Based on that testimony and other evidence in the case, the judge will rule on the length of your suspension.

How can you get your license back after a DWI?

You can appeal a DWI driver’s license suspension; however, you must file your appeal within 30 days of the start of your suspension. If the appeals court reverses the original suspension, TxDPS will reissue your license.

Otherwise, you can have your license reinstated at the conclusion of your suspension period. To get your license reinstated and keep it active, you must pay an annual surcharge of $1,000 to $2,000 for three years from the date of your conviction.

Can you get a provisional license after a DWI?

In Texas, a provisional driver’s license — formally known as an Occupational License — can provide a legal means of driving for work and important personal needs during your DWI suspension.

To obtain a provisional license, you must petition the appropriate court in your area, using its required forms and format. If the court agrees to grant you an occupational license, the judge will direct TxDPS to issue one to you.

Not everyone will qualify for an essential needs license and, in some cases, you may face a statutory waiting period before you can petition the court to grant an occupational license.

What Should I Be Doing From the Time I Get Arrested Until my Court Date?

The most important thing to do after an arrest is to immediately retain an experienced attorney from a highly reviewed Criminal Defense Law Firm. There are numerous steps that can be taken to improve your situation and outcome when you eventually do appear in court. Far too often defendants ignore their situation at the very time they should be taking action. The preparation of your defense and mitigation should start immediately upon your release from jail.